UPC: 818768010557


DISC INFORMATION: 1 disc, widescreen, color

RUNNING TIME: 99 minutes

SPECIAL FEATURES: Theatrical trailer

RATED: Not Rated, probably rated R for violence and language

GENRE: Drama/Crime



Sean Patrick Flanery …  John Archer

Kristanna Loken          …  Mila Driver

Chris Carmack              …  Durant

Richard Gleason          …  Jack Harvey

James C. Burns             …  Tommy Edwards

Kevin Dobson               …  Mayor Stan Wood

Kym Jackson                …  Crystal

Sewell Whitney            …  Mike Conway


During the heat of the Mayoral race, Mayor Wood is brutally executed inside the City Hall.  While Detective John Archer and Federal agent Mila Driver investigate the shooting, more Mayoral candidates are executed around the city one by one.  As their investigation leads them down the winding path, they soon find themselves in danger as they get closer to the truth.  It is soon evident that they cannot trust everyone.


The bad guys are very predictable.  There are some very oddly cut together sequences which lead me to believe that this one has been hacked all to pieces in the editing room.  There are some very enjoyable characters and even though the bad guys are very transparent, the road to their discovery is interesting.  There is a HUGE hole in the story.  The lead detective suddenly disappears from the finale and is never mentioned again.  There is no explanation for his absence or any closure to his story; he just plain vanishes with an email message that he is no longer on the case.  That is the oddest way to lose a main character that I have seen.

Overall, this is an alright although transparent story.  It isn’t anything new or original.  The missing lead detective for the finale of the story is very odd and distracting.   It’s one of those movies that are good all along the way, even with flaws, but the ending is so bad that you just can’t say that it’s worth seeing.  I’m giving this one 3 out of 5 for the first ¾’s of the movie.  The last ¼ of the film distracts way too much from what was laid before.


That’s my review and I’m sticking to it.

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